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pdf MARSEC Request Facility Vulnerability and Security.pdf
pdf First Responder Operational Maritime Security Course Details.pdf
pdf Coast Guard C130 Crash.pdf
pdf SNAME Symposium ECA Flyer April 28th and 29th 2010.pdf
pdf MARSEC Information Section 104.255 Declaration of Security.pdf
pdf San Francisco Port Access Route Study Notice 12-10-2009.pdf
pdf Senator John McCain Pushes to Repeal the Jones Act.pdf
pdf Fix Browser SSL Certificate Errors Firefox.pdf
pdf USCG Rulemaking NPRM on NOAD Vessel Requirements for AIS.pdf
pdf Fix Browser SSL Certificate Errors.pdf

The Marine Exchange of the San Francisco Bay Region is a non-profit, membership organization.

The collection, analysis, and dissemination of ship traffic information for the Golden Gate maritime community has been the primary purpose of the Marine Exchange since 1849.

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htm SF VTS Area Geography AIS Dock Codes with Training > Updated: 09/08/2010 This is the VTS Area Boundary lines to include AIS and Dock Codes with Abbreviations for VTS Area Destinations and a Geography Crash Course Trainer.

php Marine and World Port Codes (UN/LOCODE) > Note: Codes that begin with 4 are not UN/LOCODE. Codes that have 4 as the first value in the city code will be replaced with a UN/LOCODE when one becomes available for that city.

asp SF VMAP (Vessel Mutual Assistance Plan) Website >

asp Marine Safety Information Website > This is a public website where you can review and submit lessons learned for the maritime industry. This website is open to the public for submitting marine safety documents. Any and any suggestions are welcome at this development stage. Documents can be submitted by registering on the website or email documents directly to

asp Ports Security Grants Website > This is the Bay Area Ports Security Grants Website. Grant applications, documents, and announcements can be found on this website.

htm California Coast & Ocean On-line Archive > The California Coastal Conservancy, established in 1976, is a state agency that uses entrepreneurial techniques to purchase, protect, restore, and enhance coastal resources, and to provide access to the shore. We work in partnership with local governments, other public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private landowners.

asp PORTS SharePoint Website >


Documents and News

pdf 2015 Deep Draft Vessel Industry Day - Agenda 2-11-2015.pdf
pdf California Maritime Leadership Symposium (CMLS) 2-15-2017.pdf
pdf Deep Draft Vessel Industry Day 3-2-2017.pdf
pdf Designing Maritime Security 2 Day Seminar in SF 10-26-2015.pdf
pdf Escort Clearinghouse Fee for Services.pdf
pdf FINAL NAVSAC AISATON Resolution Feb15.pdf
pdf IB 407 Controlled Equipment.pdf
pdf IB 408 FY 2016 Prep Grants NOFO Release Final.pdf
pdf JOCs Bill Mongeluzzo at PCNC 2016 TransPacific Outlook.pdf
pdf Job Announcement - Columbia River Pilots - Business Manager.pdf
pdf John P Hahn - Memories of Rescue, January 1926.pdf
pdf MSIB 15-02 Guidelines for Navigating in Reduced Visibility.pdf
pdf MSIB Tianjin, China Explosion.pdf
pdf Marine Construction Project 2-10-17 to 4-30-17 C Span Bridge, 5 Point Anchor B Span to D Span.pdf
pdf Marine Exchange Fee for Services.pdf
pdf Marine Terminal Advisor position at Phillips 66 8-5-2016.pdf
pdf Maritime Market Specialist Position at the Port of San Francisco.pdf
pdf Message from the Secretary on Revision of the National Terrorism Advisory System.pdf
pdf Navy FA-18 crashes in CA, pilot ejected safely.pdf
pdf Oakland PMSA SCI Luncheon 2015.pdf
pdf PCNC Hosts JOCs Bill Mongeluzzo April 12 2016.pdf
pdf Ransomware on the Rise 1-20-2015.pdf
pdf SF Fleet Week HUDSON Open House Oct 8 2016.pdf
pdf TWIC Reader Final Rule.pdf
pdf USCG Deep Draft Industry Day 11-02-2015.pdf
pdf Warning for Bay Area vessel operators watch out for Whales.pdf
pdf Whale Alert Brochure.pdf
pdf Whale Alert Poster.pdf

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National Terrorism Advisory System

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