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Membership Information:
Welcome to our membership information section. If you have been instructed to continue you can start the membership process by following the "New Member Registration" link. You will be directed to fill in your company's information and contact information up to 5 persons listed. If you are not using a credit card and intend to be billed select the "Corporate membership". Follow the steps to finish and we will contact you after 24 hours. You cannot receive Marine Exchange services until your membership is approved by operations. If you need "Shipping Reports" you must contact operation after you have registered and became a member. If you want to pay online you must contact the Marine Exchange first to make sure you are purchasing the correct service. Do not pay for any services before contacting the Exchange.

Our goal remains to provide the maritime trade and transportation professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area with the most complete and up-to-date guide to our industry. Marine Exchange members will continue to receive preferential treatment in the Handbook. Members will qualify for a 5 percent discount on advertising in addition to their membership benefits. Advertisers and members also receive free copies of the new 2012 edition.

Ports Handbook Listing Updates:
You can view your current company?s information under Corporate Members, Individual Members or Free Listings. Please email all changes to

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