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  • P.O.R.T.S. Workgroup:
  • Esam Amso, Chair, Tanker/Marine Terminal Operators
    Bruce Horton, Bar Pilots
    Joan Lundstrom, Chair Harbor Safety Committee
    USCG Sector San Francisco
    Gerry Wheaton NOAA

  • Tug Workgroup:
  • Jonathan Mendes, Chair, Tug Operators
    Eric Osen, Tanker Operators
    Rich Smith, Barge Operators
    Marina V. Secchitano, Labor
    Norman Chan, Port of Richmond
    USCG Sector San Francisco

    pdf Tug Escort Less Than 1600GT Weather Workgroup .pdf

    pdf Tug Escort Severe Weather Workgroup .pdf

  • Navigation Workgroup:
  • Bruce Horton, Chair, Bar Pilots
    John Berge, Dry Cargo
    Chris Peterson, Port of Oakland
    John Cronin, Dry Cargo
    Eric Osen, Tanker Operators
    Carol Keiper, Environmental
    USCG Sector San Francisco
    Gerry Wheaton, NOAA

    pdf Navigation Workgroup .pdf

  • Ferry Operations Workgroup:
  • Pat Murphy, Chair, Ferry Operators
    Aaron Golbus, Port of San Francisco
    Pete McIsaac, Bar Pilots
    Marina Secchitano, Labor
    Scott Humphries, USCG VTS
    Gerry Wheaton, NOAA

    pdf Ferry Operations Workgroup .pdf

  • Prevention Through People Workgroup:
  • Margot Brown, Chair, Recreational Boaters
    Bill Needham, Recreational Boaters
    Linda Scourtis, BCDC
    USCG VTS: Sean Kelley & Scott Humphries

    pdf Prevention Through People Workgroup .pdf

  • Dredging Workgroup:
  • Marc Bayer, Chair, Tanker/Marine Terminal Operators
    Lt. Col. Laurence Farrell, Corps of Engineers
    Bruce Horton, Bar Pilots
    Ron Chamberlain, Port of Benicia
    Gerry Wheaton, NOAA
    Linda Scourtis, BCDC

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