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Dredging Issues Work Group

CA State Lands Commission

May 15, 2011.

At 1300 hours



1-    Update current channel condition surveys and survey schedule.

(ACE presented latest surveys/soundings for Pinole Shoals for both New and Old channels completed between 16, 17, 21, 23, 24 February 2012. A depth of 34.4 feet showing between lines 422 and 424 on the north side of the channel on sheet C4 limits the present maximum allowed draft) This spot will be dredged during next Essayons visit in  July 2012.

Bulls Head channel will again be surveyed this month and dredged according to plan.


2-    Go over – FY12 O&M dredging program. 


3-    Discuss and approve Pinole Shoals / Bulls Head channels to the deeper naturally dug route.

ACE and USCG indicated at the March 20th meeting that the new channel markers are all set up for use.


4-    Other updates/follow ups.      

Set up next meeting for Dredge Issues work group.














Dredge Issues Work Group                     Esam Amso


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