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The San Francisco Bay Rock Removal Feasibility Study was initiated in April 2000, pursuant to House Resolution, Docket 2516, adopted May 7, 1997. Four underwater rock mounds are considered, by the U.S. Coast Guard and by the Harbor Safety Committee (as mandated by the California Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act of 1990), as a major hazard to navigation within the San Francisco Bay. Removing these hazards would significantly reduce the possibility of a major oil spill resulting from a vessel striking one of these mounds. Although there are other obstructions to navigation within the Bay, these rock mounds are especially dangerous due to their close proximity to the confined shipping lanes.

Working with the California State Lands Commission (the study's non-Federal sponsor), the Harbor Safety Committee and it's Underwater Rocks Technical Subcommittee, other Federal and state agencies, and representatives from industry, the Corps of Engineers investigated the economic and environmental feasibility of lowering the four rock mounds (know as Harding, Shag, Arch, and Blossom Rocks) to depths greater than the current deep draft fleet. The focus of the study was to develop a structural alternative (i.e., physically lower some or all of the rock mounds).

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