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In 1999, the Department of Transportation (DOT) prepared a report to Congress with an assessment of the Marine Transportation System (MTS). This report outlined the need to further the commitment to promote prosperity, enhance American competitiveness and invest in a world-class transportation infrastructure for the 21st century.

Since that report, a national advisory council was established to address issues on a national level and a California group, CALMITSAC, has been created to accomplish the same goals on a statewide level. In southern California they have an active MTS council dealing with issues of port security, safety and identifying some of the infrastructure that will require improving in order to handle the cargo levels anticipated over the next 20 years.

Here in northern California, we are moving forward in our own efforts to strengthen and create a viable the Maritime Transportation System in our region.

If you have any questions regaurding this group, please email us at mts@sfmx.org.

For more information, visit:

US Department of Transportation's Marine Transportation System Website: www.dot.gov

the Marine Transportation System National Advisory Council's website: www.mtsnac.org

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