Marine Exchange of the San Francisco Bay Region

SF Bay Region Maritime Orientation Seminars




Wednesday, 1/20/2024

The Marine Exchange of the San Francisco Bay Region (SFMX) will soon offer a series of short San Francisco Bay Region Maritime Orientation Seminars. Seminars will likely be no longer than 60 minutes.


Initially, cost is ZERO for SFMX members.

First Topics

  • Electronic tour of the San Francisco Bay Maritime Region and maritime waterfronts.
  • Ports, terminals, and cargos.
  • Dock names and numbers.
  • Bridges, critical waterways, and dredged channels.
  • Anchorage names and locations.

Later Topics

  • National Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) regulations.
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) vessel carriage requirements.
  • Federal Anchorage locations and regulations.
  • Regulated Navigation Area (RNA) regulations.
  • Permanent RNA Security zones.
  • Benicia-Martinez Railroad Drawbridge Communications Protocol.
  • Harbor Safety Committee and Maritime Best Practices.
  • Ferry Traffic Routing Protocol.
  • Online resources for navigation safety and maritime information.

More Info

More information regarding dates and times will follow.


Please contact me directly with questions or comments.


Happy 2024!

Frederick Scott Humphrey, Executive Director
Marine Exchange of the San Francisco Bay Region
Mobile/text: +1 510 393 6856