Marine Exchange of the San Francisco Bay Region



Marine Information Service

Covers a variety of information and communications services. Includes the ability to call on a regular basis for shipping information and vessel position updates, and receive notifications regarding vessels and their movements.


Vessel Reporting Service

Provides the vessel operator 24 hour support services for vessel, office staff, agents, crew, government agencies and longshoremen by providing scheduling updates, security and safety alerts to ensure timely services are provided during vessel’s port stay.


Telephone Answering Service

The answering service is designed exclusively for members of the marine transportation industry. Subscribers can customize coverage according to their needs. Premium Service is available for companies that utilize the answering service more often (i.e. higher call volume, message distribution, etc.)

SMS Authorization Form


Port Logistics / Tug Support Services

Packages tailored to the specific operational needs of vessel operators. Includes combinations of information and communications services. Special attention is given to rapid transmission of the latest changes in information.