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Daily Reports

The Marine Exchange publishes a range of reports regarding the past, present and future movements of deep-draft commercial vessels for all members.  ETA, ETD and shift itineraries. Actual movements and vessel positions are updated continuously, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are available by email or phone at any time. Movement times, port and berth information, last and next port of call, vessel type, flag and agent are included.

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Available Formats

pdf-icon Adobe Acrobat .PDF
docx-icon Microsoft Word .DOC .DOCX
xlsx-icon Microsoft Excel .XLS .XLSX
csv-icon Comma Separated Values .CSV
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Sample Daily Reports

Due To Arrive Report New Formatting
Due To Depart Report New Formatting
Vessels In Port Report New Formatting
Harbor Activity Report New Formatting / New Fields


Sample Monthly / Statistical Reports

Ship Assist Report The Ship Assist Report is a breakdown of up river and down river traffic by percentages.
Monthly Statistical Report The Monthly Stat Report breaks down arrivals by agent, berth, flag, type, last port, etc.
Annual Statistical Report The Annual Stat Report breaks down arrivals by agent, berth, flag, type, last port, etc.
Escort Activity The Escort Activity Report is a daily and monthly report which profiles the activities of tankers, tanker escorts, and tug assists.


Custom Reports

Bay Area shipping activity, dating back to 1987, can be evaluated in a number of ways. Information can focus on specific vessels and ports or broaden to include industry sectors and trends. Inquiries about our data may be submitted to

Available Data Fields for Custom Reports


Multi-Region Reporting

MISNA (Maritime Information Society of North America) is comprised of ten Marine Exchanges, each covering a different region and includes all of the West Coast, Gulf and East Coast regions. Shipping reports be combined from any of the represented regions.


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