Marine Exchange of the San Francisco Bay Region

Products and Services


Daily Reports

The Marine Exchange publishes a range of reports regarding the past, present and future movements of deep-draft commercial vessels for all members. ETA, ETD and shift itineraries. Actual movements and vessel positions are updated continuously, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are available by email or phone at any time. Movement times, port and berth information, last and next port of call, vessel type, flag and agent are included.


Custom Reports

Bay Area shipping activity, dating back to 1987, can be evaluated in a number of ways. Information can focus on specific vessels and ports or broaden to include industry sectors and trends. Inquiries about our data may be submitted to


Multi-Region Reporting

MISNA (Maritime Information Society of North America) is comprised of ten Marine Exchanges, each covering a different region and includes all of the West Coast, Gulf and East Coast regions. Shipping reports be combined from any of the represented regions.


Marine Information Service

Covers a variety of information and communications services. Includes the ability to call on a regular basis for shipping information and vessel position updates, and receive notifications regarding vessels and their movements.


Vessel Reporting Service

Provides the vessel operator 24 hour support services for vessel, office staff, agents, crew, government agencies and longshoremen by providing scheduling updates, security and safety alerts to ensure timely services are provided during vessel’s port stay.


Telephone Answering Service

The answering service is designed exclusively for members of the marine transportation industry. Subscribers can customize coverage according to their needs. Premium Service is for companies that utilize the answering service more often (i.e. higher call volume, message distribution, etc.)


Port Logistics / Tug Support Services

Packages tailored to the specific operational needs of vessel operators. Includes combinations of information and communications services. Special attention is given to rapid transmission of the latest changes in information.


Secretariat Services

A complete range of services are available: membership and meeting coordination, copying, mailing, bookkeeping and billing.


Special Services

We work diligently and directly with a wide array of industries in both the public and private sectors, producing solutions to meet the demands that these industries face. The maritime world can be perplexing to those unfamiliar with the way things are, and the Marine Exchange serves as an excellent resource to provide outside industries the tools that they need to be successful in their maritime related endeavors.


AIS Web Access

The Marine Exchange offers three types of service for AIS Web Access.

AIS Web Access AIS Web Access AIS Data Feed
Standard Enhanced

AIS Web Access – Enhanced features include:

  • Limited AIS History Playback
  • More Chart and Map Layers
  • Greater Coverage Area
  • Custom Alerts

Note: The AIS Data Feed has restrictions on storage and distribution at the standard price level. Please contact the Marine Exchange for more information regarding our AIS Data Feed and restrictions.


AIS History Services

There are three types of service for AIS History

AIS Playback AIS Playback AIS Playback
Screenshot PowerPoint Video

Screenshots and PowerPoint slides are available in .JPG file format. PowerPoint slides are in 1 second intervals. Video playback is stored in .AVI file format and available as a download. AIS data is compiled in 1 to 3 second intervals. CD or DVD available as well. A DVD to play in any household DVD Player is available upon request for an additional fee.


Please Note

Membership is required to purchase any of the products or services we offer.

Cancellation of any products or services requires 30 days notice.