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Maritime Information

The Marine Exchange has been collecting, analysing and disseminating ship traffic information for more than 150 years. A lot has changed over the years, but the commitment of the Exchange to its membership has not.

Marine Intelligence

Members can call the Exchange to get the latest on vessel activities and particulars, Bay traffic and conditions, company contact information and almost any aspect of the maritime community.

Traffic Reports

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ETA?s, ETD?s and shift itineraries, as well as actual movements and vessel positions are updated continuously and are available by fax or email at any time.

Movement times, port and berth information, last and next ports of call, vessel type, flag and agent are included.

Statistical and Specialty Reports

Monthly and yearly statistical summaries of Golden Gate shipping break down arrivals by agent, berth, type, flag, last port of call, etc.

Specialty reports profile the activities of tankers, tanker escorts, and tug assists.

Special Reports

Bay Area shipping activity since 1987 can be evaluated in a number of ways. Information can focus on specific vessels and ports or broaden to include industry sectors and trends.

Multi-Region Reporting

MISNA (Maritime Information Society of North America) comprises ten marine exchanges, including all of the West Coast. Shipping information can combined from any of the represented regions.


The Exchange maintains a library of maritime books and periodicals and has access to voyage records going back over 100 years. Members may drop by the office to browse or call with their questions.


Members are listed in and receive copies of each; they are published in alternating years.

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The most extensive maritime listing in the Bay. Members are listed by name, organization, and service category.

Starting in 2002, in partnership with Marine Digest, the Marine Exchange will be producing the Golden Gate Ports Handbook, which will combine the two publications into one. It will be published yearly, and feature greater coverage and more comprehensive listings.

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